Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond
Ozark Swing Society

WCS Practice Dance

Every Wednesday evening, starting at 7:00PM and continuing until 8:30PM, Jerry Kendrick holds a WCS "Practice Dance" at the Dance and Swing Studios in Springdale. This is designed to simulate a social dance setting, yet is an instructional opportunity, as Jerry and senior students will be there to participate and help you work on patterns and steps. There is a $5 per person cover fee.

Dance and Swing Studios
900 Dorman, Suite C
(Behind Little Caesar’s Pizza)
Springdale, AR


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Teatro Scarpino is a non-smoking environment with a medium-sized dance floor that features a a variety of dancing, usually beginning around 9:00pm. The weekend music is usually DJ'd, but occasionally they feature live bands. Some of this music will lend to WCS. On occasion, they will have live R&B that is perfect for WCS. Check their calendar for venue availability, times and music. Nice bar, excellent atmosphere. Plan to pay for parking. Call to ensure club hours, as they may vary. Facebook: Teatro-Scarpino
Teatro Scarpino
329 N West Ave.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Whiskey 101

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Check it out!
NOW A NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT… with a "race-track"-style dance floor and a live DJ. Wed thru Sun 7:30pm - 2:00am. Must be 21 to enter. Large bar. Mostly country music, but a little R&B and occasional pop. They really like to do line dancing. A little crowded for WCS, but good in a pinch.

Whiskey 101
2127 MLK Blvd.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

George’s Majestic

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George's Majestic has been a Fayetteville icon for decades. It features live bands and has a popular concert venue. There are two SMALL dance floors, both concrete. Don't bring your best dance shoes. It will be crowded, most likely, but can be fun when the music's right. Check their website for bookings. Usually two acts per night. Cover charge. Two large bars.

George's Majestic
519 W Dickson St.
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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West Coast Swing is a very popular partnered dance style worldwide, done to contemporary R&B and pop music. It is not a Ballroom Dance, and is not progressive. Modern WCS dancers, known as “Westies," enjoy highly developed rules of dance and partnering techniques — allowing followers a degree of freedom that is not usually seen in other partnered dances, emphasizing the interaction and conversation between dance partners. Commentary about WCS and samples of the dance style are provided in the videos below:

WCS Swing Skool Video

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Jordan Frisbee on WCS

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Jordan Frisbee is known as one of the world's top WCS dancers.

2015 WCS Flashmob

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WCS Instruction

Local instructors of West Coast Swing, as well as in the region:


Every Monday evening, starting at 7:00 PM and continuing until 8:00PM, Jerry Kendrick conducts a "Beginning WCS" class at the Arkansas Ballroom Company, 180 Industrial Circle E, in Springdale. This is designed for the beginner, and will cover the basic steps of West Coast Swing. Following at 8:00, Jerry has a more advanced class that will expose beginners to more expressive moves, and add a few new tricks to the more advanced Westie. This is designed for the Westie competitor planning to compete at any of the many dancing venues throughout the year. Please consult Jerry's Website for fees and times (


Terry grew up in Tulsa, OK and learned to dance Country and Western and West Coast Swing there. Currently, he has been competing and winning competitions across the US, and teaches throughout the globe, most recently in both France and Germany. Known for his groovy, funky, sexy style of dancing, he is a must to see and dance with. Terry has an outstanding resume of instruction and is currently conducting classes on Tuesday evenings at Green Country Event Center, 12000 E. 31st Street in Tulsa.
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Jeanne has been dancing since 1994.  In Swing, she has earned seven US OPEN Swing Dance Awards, including two Championship titles.  In both 2010 and 2007, she placed in the top five Females in the WSDC J&J Tour. In 2007, she earned a NASDE Showcase Championship title and finished in the top ten Females for the NASDE Tour. Jeanne has also earned the prestigious America's Classic Top Teacher Award seven times.  Her focus is on West Coast Swing, fulfilling a passion for variation and interpretation.

She is President of
Swing Tulsa Style Dance Club, a World Swing Dance Council Member Instructor and is the the Event Director for three different Swing Events—Tulsa Fall Fling, Tulsa Spring Swing and Grand Prix of Swing (Kansas City).
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Ozark Swing Society

Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond
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