Ozark Swing Society
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We are on "Hold" due to COVID-19.

(… but things are starting to look up!)

COVID-19 has certainly created a frozen, impassable barrier on all partnered dancing. While masks help, proper social distancing to ensure everyone is safe has made general public dance venues impractical for most situations.

That being said, we hope to return to sponsor West Coast Swing dancing in 2022. Our best recommendation:
Stay safe. Stay tuned.
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What is WCS?

West Coast Swing is a very popular partnered dance style worldwide, done to contemporary R&B and pop music. It is not a Ballroom Dance, and is not progressive. Modern WCS dancers, known as “Westies," enjoy highly developed rules of dance and partnering techniques — allowing followers a degree of freedom that is not usually seen in other partnered dances, emphasizing the interaction and conversation between dance partners. Commentary about WCS and samples of the dance style are provided in the videos below:
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WCS Swing Skool Video

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Jordan Frisbee on WCS

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Jordan Frisbee is known as one of the world's top WCS dancers.

WCS Flashmob

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